What real estate game would be complete without houses?
There are 4 player colors (yellow, green, blue, and red) and each has 29 houses and two volunteers.
There are 30 double-sided property hexes that can form the neighborhood.  Each property displays a color-coded satisfaction meter in the middle where a player's house goes and either 1,2, or 3 colored bars on the borders that represent its desires.  This comes in handy later on when building amenities and maximizing actions to improve satisfaction.
In order to build amenities such as pools and club houses in the neighborhood, homeowner support is needed.   There are 5 basic desires represented in the deck - parking, security, environment, entertainment, and services.  These desires correspond with the colored bars on the individual properties.

You can't really get far without money, and lots of it!
There are 5 denominations found in the game - $500,  $1000, $5000, $10,000, and $20,000.
These are ownership and lien tokens.  They are either placed on properties with the same colored house to denote player ownership of that property (as opposed to the home just being a member to that player's association) or they can be placed on another player's property to indicate a lien exists on that property.

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